Slowtail Swimbait Kit (12pc)

Slowtail Swimbait Kit (12pc)

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  • (1) ST31-CB
  • (1) ST31-OL
  • (1) ST31-SIL
  • (1) ST31-BS
  • (1) ST41-CB
  • (1) ST41-OL
  • (1) ST41-SIL
  • (1) ST41-BS
  • (1) ST51-CB
  • (1) ST51-OL
  • (1) ST51-SIL
  • (1) ST51-BS

Slowtail Swimbait Kit: Perfect for gifting or stocking up your own tackle bag. This assortment features our top 12 best selling inshore Slowtail Swimbait sizes and colors.

(4) 3.5" Slowtail: These small, yet stout swimbaits are perfect for imitating small forage species. Ideal for light tackle estuary & back bay applications.

(4) 4.25" Slowtail: This "Goldilocks" size swimbait is an all-around favorite for nearly any application. Imitative of medium sized baitfish, these are perfect for target trophy gamefish on medium to heavy inshore tackle.

(5) 5.5" Slowtail: Our best selling size in the Protail Series, the 5.5" Slowtail's larger profile is ideal for getting noticed around thick bait schools. A favorite for large stripers, snook and tarpon anglers.