Striper Jigging Kit (7pc)

Striper Jigging Kit (7pc)

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Striper Jigging Kit: This comprehensive kit features our favorite striper jigging lures including: Sand Eel Jigs, Herring Jigs, HD Protail Eels.

(3) Sand Eel Jigs: It's no secret that stripers LOVE sand eels. This kit offers a selection of different weights and colors to closely imitate a variety of sand eel sizes. We recommend using the "twitch jig" retrieve to work the sand eel jig throughout the water column.

(2) Herring Jigs: The herring jig is a favorite for imitating medium-sized herring and similarly profiled baitfish. Featuring the VMC 7266 In-Line Hook, these jigs are strong enough for the largest of stripers.

(2) Protail Eels: One of our best selling striper jigging soft baits, the Protail Eels offer the perfect size and weight for jigging in a variety of depths and conditions. The eel body profile closely imitates sand eels, perfect for jigging around stripers feeding on sand eel bait balls.