Tarpon Kit (16pc)

Tarpon Kit (16pc)

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Tarpon Kit: This collection of best selling tarpon lures covers nearly any scenario, from the flats of the Florida Keys, Boca Grande Beaches to the East Coast Minnow and Mullet Run.

(2) Hogy Original (4Pack): Since 2006 the Hogy Original Eel has been a staple presentation of Florida Key’s Guides when targeting migrating tarpon along shallow grass flats. In calm mid-day conditions the smaller 7inch Original offers a subtle presentation with great casting distance. During low-light or breezy conditions, the 10inch Original offers the best casting distance and larger profile for increased visibility in silted water.

(1) 10/0 Unweighted Barbarian Swimbait Hook (2Pack): These unweighted, trophy grade VMC Swimbait Hooks pair perfectly with the Hogy Original Series. Our #1 recommendation for casting to weary tarpon in skinny water, like the Florida Keys.

(3) Protail Paddle: The Hogy Protail Paddle series offers a variety of lure sizes, weights and colors to easily match the hatch. Choose an appropriate size swimbait and begin fan casting areas where Tarpon are holding. The Protail Paddle offers a heavy thumping action at medium to medium fast retrieves, perfect for calling fish in from a distance. Impart short pauses to allow the bait to drop and stop.

(3) Slowtails: The Hogy Slowtail was designed for fishing laid up ultra-finicky tarpon. Offering extremely slow swimming action, the Slow Tail shines when tarpon are reluctant to chase down traditional presentations. The Slowtail is best fished with a very slow, steady retrieve, an occasional pause and drop can be imparted when fishing in deeper water.