Tuna Casting Kit (16pc)

Tuna Casting Kit (16pc)

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Tuna Casting Kit: This comprehensive kit features our favorite tuna casting lures including: Charter Grade Sliders, Harness Jigs, Tuna Epoxy Jigs. This selection is recommended for both Bluefin tuna and Yellowfin tuna.

(3) 6" 4oz Tuna Epoxy Jigs: These versatile Epoxy Jigs offer excellent side to side kit and flutter when fished fish on or just below the surface. These jigs are great for imitating large sand eels, herring, butterfish and mackerel.

(3) 7" 6oz Charter Grade Sliders: These excellent subsurface hard baits are perfect for long range casting to surface breaking fish. The 6oz weight is ideal for quickly sinking below pesky surface feeding birds. Simply point the rod tip to the water and retrieve using a medium fast steady retrieve with an occasional pause.

(2) 4oz Harness Jigs: Our best selling tuna casting soft bait, the Harness Jig offers bullet proof construction, making it ideal for targeting the largest of bluefin. Perfect for a rip and drop surface casting presentation.

(2) 8" Speed Tail (4-pack): These easy to rig softbaits are designed to pair seamlessly with our popular Tuna Harness Jigs. Featuring an easy to use "rigging channel" to quickly re-rig your Harness Jig perfectly, every time.