Tuna Jigging Kit (18pc)

Tuna Jigging Kit (18pc)

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Tuna Jigging Kit: This comprehensive kit features our favorite tuna jigging lures including: Harness Jigs, Tuna Epoxy Jigs and Assist Hook Rigged Sand Eel Jigs. This selection is recommended for both Bluefin tuna and Yellowfin tuna.

(4) 6" 4oz Tuna Epoxy Jigs: These versatile Epoxy Jigs offer excellent slow-fall flutter when fished vertically. These jigs are great for imitating large sand eels, herring, butterfish and mackerel.

(2) 6" 6.5oz Sand Eel Jigs: These excellent sand eel imitators are top choice when finicky tuna are keyed in on sand eels.

(4) 6oz Harness Jigs: Our best selling tuna jigging soft bait, the Harness Jig offers bullet proof construction, making it ideal for targeting the largest of bluefin. Perfect for slow twitch & dead stick jigging retrieves.

(2) 8" Speed Tail (4-pack): These easy to rig softbaits are designed to pair seamlessly with our popular Tuna Harness Jigs. Featuring an easy to use "rigging channel" to quickly re-rig your Harness Jig perfectly, every time.