Unrigged High-Low Jig-Biki Teaser (2-Dropper)

Unrigged High-Low Jig-Biki Teaser (2-Dropper)

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  • Premium Mono
  • Plated snap and swivel
  • 36" Overall Length
  • Un-Rigged - Teasers, Hooks, or Jigs can be added.

Hogy Jig-Biki Rigs are designed to be paired with your favorite metals for targeting a variety of groundfish species. Attractive crystal-flash teasers call fish in from a distance and get finicky fish to chew. These rigs are ideal for sea bass, scup, striper, cod, snappers and tog.

Hogy Jig Biki Size Chart


Hogy Jig Biki Rig Diagram