Hogy's inshore trolling system is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, embodying the "best means" approach to catching fish on light tackle. This system is tactical and light tackle-oriented, incorporating two essential lures that are also effective for casting.

Hogy Perfect Tube: This lure simulates a large sea worm or eel that has been swept away by the current, offering a large profile easily visible from a distance. It's designed for tactical slow trolling on lead core, wire, or weighted lines, and can be used naked or tipped with seaworms. The lure's action, which does not require pre-tuning, generates intermittent surges that can provoke reaction strikes from predatory fish.

Charter Grade Swimming Plug: This plug is designed to mimic large baitfish like mackerel, pogy, or herring that have separated from their school. With its simple design and color patterns, this plug is built to the same specifications as Hogy's tuna plugs, making it effective for targeting any gamefish. Tested at speeds up to 12 knots, this lure can swim more than 30 feet deep, depending on current, boat speed, and the amount of line out.

Both lures are part of a system that emphasizes minimalism and efficiency, ensuring that even with a
streamlined selection of trolling lures, anglers can effectively target inshore species with light tackle setups​​.

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