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Pre-Order: Hogy Tuna Casting Spinning Rod: Mod-Fast Action 7' H (3oz - 8oz)

Pre-Order: Hogy Tuna Casting Spinning Rod: Mod-Fast Action 7' H (3oz - 8oz)

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  • Description

    We've designed this Tuna Casting Spinning rod for casting big plugs and soft baits for large tuna offshore. Over the years it was hard for us to find the perfect rod that offered high-performance casting heavy plugs for tuna, so we decided to build our own.

    Hogy Tuna Rods and what are they? Our Tuna Rod series offers strength, action, and durability for targeting big bluefin and yellowfin tuna. These rods feature a heavy backbone, with just enough tip softness for casting baits from 3oz - 8oz.

    The Hogy Tuna Casting Spinning Rod is built for anglers looking to use big plugs and heavy soft baits on 10000 - 20000 class spinning reels. For Northeast anglers, these rods are perfect for targeting large bluefin and yellowfin tuna. For our Southern customers, these rods are a perfect fit for heavy tackle tarpon and offshore pelagic species.

    Reverse Footer Guide System: Some tuna rods feature a “backwards” first guide, with the guide facing toward the reel instead of away from it. This design choice is primarily based on line management and casting reasons.

    1. Improved Casting: The backwards orientation of the first guide can help reduce line slap on the blank during a cast. When casting, especially with braided lines, the line can come off the reel in wide coils

    2. Line Management: The backward-facing guide can help in managing the line, especially when it comes off the reel in big loops or coils. This can be particularly useful with certain reel types or line types that don’t lay line evenly on the reel.

    3. Reduced Friction: By directing the line more directly from the reel, the backward-facing guide can reduce the angle at which the line enters the guide, potentially reducing friction and wear on both the line and the guide itself.

    4. Improved Knot Clearance: For anglers using knots to connect leaders or other terminal tackle, the backward-facing guide can provide more clearance for knots, reducing the chance of hang-ups or friction as the knot passes through the guide.

  • Features

    Hogy Hybrid Spinning Rod Features:

    • Mod-Fast Action Blank For Increase Sensitivity
    • Long Casting 7' Length
    • Premium-Grade Cork Grip
    • Graphite Reel Seat
    • Premium Ceramic Rods

    Recommended Reels:

    • Shimano Twinpower 10000-18000
    • Shimano Saragossa 10000-20000
    • Shimano Stella 10000-20000

    Incredibly balanced and durable saltwater rod designed on Cape Cod, MA.

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