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Hogy Hybrid Conventional Rod: Parabolic Action 5'6" MH

Hogy Hybrid Conventional Rod: Parabolic Action 5'6" MH

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  • Description

    We've designed this ultra-fun rod to be the perfect blend of parabolic action, length, weight, and function for light tackle inshore and offshore trolling. This no-frills workhorse conventional rod addresses the challenges we've had finding suitable tackle for trolling and jigging.

    Why Parabolic Action and what is it? These rods offer a softer bend from the rod tip towards the butt section. This forgiving utility allows the angler to feel every pull of the drag and stroke of the fish's tail. This forgiveness is beneficial for trolling, allowing the rod to absorb the strike and offer firm hook sets while used for trolling applications.

    The Hogy Hybrid Conventional Rod is built for pairing with compact, high-performance conventional reels, these rods are fantastic for lead-core & in-line weight trolling applications. A favorite technique for targeting Striped Bass, Bluefish, and school-sized Bluefin Tuna.

  • Features

    Hogy Perfect Trolling Rod Features:

    • Ultra-Flex Parabolic Action
    • Easy To Store 5'6" Length
    • Premium-Grade Cork Grip
    • Graphite Reel Seat
    • Lead-Core Knot-Friendly Guides

    Recommended Reels:

    • Avet LX6/3 2-Speed
    • Daiwa Saltist STTLD30-2SPD
    • Shimano Talica 16II TAC16II

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