Inshore Casting Jigs:  Engineered for versatility,Hogy System jigs feature lightweight, narrow designs for optimal topwater presentations and heavy, evenly balanced models for cutting through the wind on those long-range casts. Each jig is meticulously crafted to mimic natural baitfish sizes, shapes, and colors, enhancing their appeal to game fish from the shallows to the deep.

Inshore Vertical Jigs: Hogy’s vertical jigging system perfectly intersects the worlds of game fishing and ground fishing, catering to a broad spectrum of angling preferences and strategies. Striped bass anglers will find our Sand Eel Jigs, available in both imitative and attractor colors, to be especially effective. These jigs are designed to closely mimic the appearance and movement of sand eels, a primary forage for stripers, making them irresistible targets.

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