5/8oz (2.5inch) Peanut 'Chovy Jig

5/8oz (2.5inch) Peanut 'Chovy Jig

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  • Solid Metal Core For Exceptional Casting Distance
  • Durable, Through Wired Construction
  • Reflective Scale Finish
  • Subsurface Side-To-Side Swimming Action
  • 4X VMC Treble Hook
  • Imitative Laser Eye

hogy vmc barbarian hookhogy bullet cast


Designed for imitating small micro forage such as bay anchovies, silverside
and rainbait to name a few. The ‘Chovy Jig’s flared gills coupled with end-to-end lateral line elevation facilitate side-to-side wobble action. When fished vertically, the Peanut Jig will fall with a tight flutter. Ideal for highly finicky gamefish that require “just the right touch” to seal the deal.”

Hogy Chovy Jig Diagram